Tuesday 30 May, 6.30 pm – midnight

Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Please join us for a night of spiritual, cultural, educational and culinary nourishment to celebrate the festival of Shavuot. This year we will be joining Rabbi Yuval Keren, Rabbi Rebecca Birk and members of their respective communities from Southgate Progressive and Finchley Progressive Synagogues.

The event will be hosted by Finchley Progressive Synagogue at their premises in North Finchley.

The evening will begin with an Erev Shavuot service and will be followed by a ‘bring and share’ Chavurah meal and a night of study.

Our theme this year will be the story of Ruth.


Finchley Progressive Synagogue, 54 Hutton Grove, London N12 8DR


6.30 pm         -                       Service (including Rabbi Keren’s D’var Torah)

7.30 pm         -                       Meal – main course

8.15 pm         -                       Panel discussion – ‘Responding to the Book of Ruth’ with Rabbis Rebecca Birk, Yuval Keren, Judith Levitt and Danny Rich

9.15 pm         -                       Meal – Dessert

9.30 pm – 10.15 pm            Session 1

10.15 pm – 11.00 pm              Session 2

11.00 pm                               Spirituality with Rabbis Rebecca Birk and Judith Levitt

Midnight                                 Ends

Shavuot sessions*

  • Calligraphy with Josie Kinchin
  • Migrants and Migration through films and songs with Rabbi Yuval Keren
  • ‘Aseret HaDibrot: the 10 sayings of a progressive Jew’
  • Session with Rabbi Danny Rich
  • ‘The other and the exile in Psalms and Hebrew poetry’ with Rabbi Judith Levitt
  • ‘Who is the real hero in the Book of Ruth?’ with Rabbi Yuval Keren
* - may be subject to change

Arrangements for ‘bring and share’ Chavurah meal

Please bring along a non-meat dish, dessert or cheesecake on the night.