Sunday 28 January, 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

This year’s Vivian Solomon Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Principal Rabbi, Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu.

‘And He Kissed Him and They Wept ….’ Emotion, the Unconscious and Ethics in the Writing of Torah

Lecture Synopsis:

In this lecture we will explore some of the places in the Torah which feature extra and sometimes extraordinary markings. We will see how these special dots, unusual letters and creative arrangements of the text itself, have come to signal new insights, a sense of a biblical unconscious, and even the cornerstones for what it is to be an ethical Jewish community today.

Background - Vivian Solomon Memorial Lecture

The Vivian Solomon Memorial Lecture is named after the much-loved and widely-respected former chairman of Sha'arei Tsedek (North London Reform Synagogue).  In his later years, Vivian Solomon acquired a formal qualification as a sofer or scribe of traditional Hebrew scriptural texts, and the annual lecture established in his memory explores topics relating to Torah, Bible and Scripture, as well as the scribal arts and calligraphy.