Saturday 21 July, 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Please join us for Eve of Fast Day Tisha B'Av - the Ninth of Av for a study session followed by a short service.  Our service will include chanting of Book of Echa. All welcome.

We are delighted to welcome Guest Presenter, Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts (from Newcastle). Rabbi Borts will lead a study session on Tisha b'Av and leyn/chant the text of the book of Echa/Lamentations. Our service will centre on the book of Lamentations (Echa), the traditional scroll of Tisha b'Av. Candle-light is traditional - and it's customary to sit on the floor - so please bring a cushion if you can. 

Rabbi Barbara Borts is a Specialist in the history of synagogue music. She is also a singer, educator and violinist.

Tisha b'Av, means 'Ninth of Av' -  the most solemn day of mourning and fasting in Judaism, commemorating the destruction of the Temple and other  catastrophies in Jewish history. A full fast from sundown to sundown. Tisha B'Av observance in the synagogue features: candlelight, sitting on cushions on the floor, reading text of Book Of Lamentations ("Echa"), likewise hearing it chanted according to a beautiful traditional ancient melody.