Wednesday 11 April, 6.45 pm

Eve of Yom ha Shoah

Join us as we commemorate Yom ha Shoah with an Evening Service and Memorial Prayers followed by a Survivor Presentation from Eva Clarke and refreshments.

For many years Sha’arei Tsedek has organised an annual Yom ha Shoah event featuring the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor: a person who emerged alive from the Nazi apparatus of extermination. As the years have gone by, the opportunity to hear directly from a living survivor has become an ever more exceptional, precious experience. Eva, born in a concentration camp as Nazi Germany collapsed, will be coming from Cambridge to join us on the Eve of Yom ha Shoah and tell her extraordinary story. 

This year we are delighted to welcome Eva Clarke to our Eve of Yom ha Shoah commemoration.  

Eva Clarke

Eva was born in Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria, on 29 April 1945. She and her mother are the only survivors of their family. In 1933, when Hitler came to power, Eva’s father Bernd Nathan left Hamburg for Prague where he met her mother Anka Kauderová. The couple married. In December 1941 her parents were sent to Terezín (Theresienstadt) where they remained for three years. During this time in Terezin, Anka gave birth to a son, Dan who died of pneumonia. Later, in 1944, Bernd and Anka, who was pregnant with her second child, were sent to Auschwitz. They became separated and Anka never saw her husband again. As the end of the War approached, Anka was transported to another concentration camp, Mauthausen, in Austria. When she arrived she went into labour and her daughter Eva was born.

Mother and child survived, and after liberation returned to Prague. There Anka married again, in 1948, and soon afterwards the family of three moved to the UK, settling in Cardiff. Eva grew up in Britain, married a lawyer, had two sons, and has lived for many years in Cambridge.

Evening Programme

6.45 pm—Memorial Service, Synagogue

Please join us for a short Evening Service and Memorial Prayers to honour our past and provide hope for our future.

7.15 pm—Talk by Holocaust Survivor, Eva Clarke

7.45 pm—Refreshments

Pastries, tea & coffee will be served at the end of the event.