29th February: Shabbat morning service featuring a conversation between Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu and Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, Extinction Rebellion activist and founder of the Shema network.

“Shabbat Terumah is concerned with building the Sanctuary. Are we so immersed in the gold, silver and copper that we have forgotten God? Do we use the ram’s skins and goat’s hair and forget the living creatures? Is the Golden Candlestick now more important than the trees it represents?

Rabbi Jeff Newman has been a law-abiding citizen all his life. What led to his arrest, & how has it been regarded in the community and more widely?

Rabbi Newman is founder of http//www.shema.org.uk – the environmental network and Jewish community hub building resilience and engagement activity in the face of galloping global warming and a potential Sixth Mass Extinction. Is the community now in engaged? What would this look like?