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For further information please contact Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu on  or call 020 8445 3400.

Join Senior Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner for a series of discussions in honour of the late Rabbi Jeremy Collick (z”l). During these sessions we will have the opportunity to discuss what matters in our lives through the prism of Jewish texts, history and literature.

The group will have an informal, thought provoking and joyful atmosphere with no prior knowledge assumed and where we will pool our knowledge of Judaism and life.

Session dates

Tuesdays at 10.15 am—11.30 am


7 & 28 January

4  & 18 February

17 & 31 March

7, 14 & 28 April

5 & 19 May

16, 23 & 30 June

7 & 21 July

Feel free to come and see if you like what we do and also impact on what we discuss and study together.

Any questions, please contact Rabbi Janner-Klausner on or 07977 227195

Considering Conversion, Wednesdays, 8.00 pm

At Sha’arei Tsedek we are delighted to be supporting so many people on their Jewish journey, including those who are choosing to become Jewish with us. The class will be taught by Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu, and one class by outstanding educator Steve Levenson. We are very happy to meet and speak to anyone who is considering embarking on this Jewish journey. We work closely with the Beit Din (Rabbinical Court) of the Assembly of Rabbis/Movement for Reform Judaism.

We warmly welcome individuals who are interested in conversion for themselves without a connection to a significant other. We are delighted to be creating a space for each one to grow their own Jewish life.

Course Dates 2020 – all sessions 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm unless otherwise specified

4 March – Purim

9 March – Celebrate Purim with members of Sha’arei Tsedek (6.20 pm)

11 March – Purim 2

18 March – Pesach preparation (6.00 pm – 7.30 pm)

25 March – Pesach meaning (6.00 pm – 7.30 pm)

1 April – Pesach Hagaddah

9 April – Community Seder (5.30 pm drinks reception, 6.15 pm Seder)

21 April – Yom HaShoah (7.30 pm)

28 April – Yom Ha-Atzmaut (7.00 pm)

6 May – Israel and history

12 May – Lag B’Omer event

27 May – Shavuot



For more information please contact: Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu on

These three short Talmud courses are for anyone who has ever wanted to learn from the Talmud itself.

Come along and join us, we are open to every level of experience, and translations will be provided. Session time 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm.

For more information please contact Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu on or 020 8445 3400

In The footsteps of the Messiah: A time of Terrible Turbulence, Fake News and Social Chaos

10 March – In the Footsteps of the Messiah

24 March – What will those scary Messianic times be like?

31 March – I spoke to the Messiah and this is what he told me

Talmud and the News

5 May – Topical Talmud: Relating Talmud to today’s news

12 May – Lag B’Omer Archery trip!

19 May – Topical Talmud: Relating Talmud to today’s news

ABC of Basic Talmud Skills: An Intro for Everyone

2, 9 & 16 June – ABC or Aleph Bet Gimmel, basic Talmud skills

In the lead up to the Days of Awe Rabbi James Baaden begins a new four-part music series entitled ‘Elul Themes’ on Thursday 27 August, 3.00 pm.

During the series Rabbi Baaden will explore a variety of themes associated with Elul, including ‘hope’ and ‘learning’ through music and song.

Session dates:

August – 27

September – 3, 10 & 17

‘Elul Themes’ will be Rabbi Baaden’s fourth music series. It follows his successful series ‘Jews & Jazz’, ‘Musical Partnerships’ and ‘A Time and A Place’ run earlier this year.

All welcome.

Join via Zoom