Accessible Learning for Adults – Autumn 2018 Programme

By October 2, 2018Adult Learning

Here at Sha’arei Tsedek we are passionate about lifelong learning.

In addition to our educational programme for children and teenagers, we offer a diverse and stimulating programme of adult learning including courses, lectures, cultural activities and workshops, including:

  • Midweek Discussion Group: this group meets twice a month on Wednesday mornings for an hour’s wide-ranging discussion on diverse topics. The group is led by Emeritus Rabbi Colin Eimer.
  • Leading with Meaning: a course for anyone who wants to get more out of Tefillah, and to develop their own skills as a prayer leader at Sha’arei Tsedek.
  • Transitions Group: this monthly group meets to support members to grow and develop. The group is led by Ruth Dines, Councillor and Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu.
  • The Big Questions: this monthly discussion group is for anyone who has ever wondered about life’s big questions.
    • What are contemporary ideas of God? And does God listen?
    • How should we be living our lives today?
    • Will the Jewish world ever recover from the Shoah?
    • How do we live authentically with real meaning?
  • Access to Judaism: a weekly class taught by outstanding educator, Steve Levenson. We warmly welcome individuals who are interested in conversion for themselves without a connection to a significant other. We are delighted to be creating a space for each one to grow their own Jewish life.
  • Beginners’ Hebrew: a new Wednesday evening class for anyone who is interested in learning Hebrew.
  • Jewish Tunes – Jews and Musicals: a short season of lively and informative talks led by Rabbi James Baaden on Thursday afternoons in November.
  • Talking Texts: a chance to get our teeth into something a bit more challenging, this course focusses on text study skills and developing your ability to lead prayer and read Torah. We will study a selection from Talmud, Midrash and the Codes. We welcome people with every level of experience and translations are always provided. Morning and evening sessions.

Please note: There may be a small voluntary donation for some of the courses. Members and non-members are welcome.

For more information on our Accessible Learning for Adults programme including precise dates or times please click here or contact the Synagogue Office on 020 8445 3400.