Adult Learning at Sha’arei Tsedek

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Music Series with Rabbi James Baaden

Thursdays, 3.00 pm

Interactive afternoon – two hours of  music and light-hearted discussion.

Members and guest welcome.

April Sessions

1 April:  Fun, Humour & Amusement

In honour of the date… Sheer foolishness on the agenda.

8 April: Yom ha Shoah: “Music of the Shoah”: Struggle and Loss, Reflection and Remembrance”

Reflections of the Shoah in music of the time and afterwards.

15 April: War and Peace

The universal theme of struggle & conflict and the yearning for  *shalom* – peace.

22 April:  Learning & Wisdom

Music about the ways we acquire knowledge &  wisdom – and what the difference is.

29 April: Work: Labour, Creativity and Everyday Life

Marking the 1st of May! Music connected with the reality of working people’s lives – throughout society & culture. What is work and what does it mean to us?

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Learning together for an Inclusive Community with Rabbi  Shulamit Ambalu

Tuesdays, 8.00 pm

Come and study together with a committed, passionate and vocal group of learners, using what we learn to build and share inclusive leadership of our community.

Together we will be working out the future of prayer and customs in the Jewish community. What will things look like for us in a year’s time? What is community when most os us will be at home?

All welcome.

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