Adult Learning at Sha’arei Tsedek

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A Time and A Place Music Series with Rabbi James Baaden

Thursdays, 3.00 pm

1 October 

A Time: Autumn

8 October

A Place:  “The great outdoors – the world of nature: in celebration of Sukkot”

15 October

A time:  “The 1950s”

22 October

A place:  “At home”

All welcome.

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Key questions and Covid: Responses from Jewish Texts with Rabbi  Shulamit Ambalu

Mondays, 8.00 pm

In this weekly class we will explore key ideas in Jewish texts for addressing the challenges we face today. Each week the class will dicuss one core principle, and there will be access to the texts in advance for those who want to have a look. Everyone is welcome and translations are always available.

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12 October: Pikuach Nefesh – the duty to save a life

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19 October:The Heart Knows the Bitterness of its own Soul: autonomy and saving life. We will see how ideas of saving life at Yom Kippur can be linked to all sorts of personal autonomy.

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