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Thought for the week – Friday 3 July 2020

I think that we are coming up to a momentous week. From the 5th July, pubs, hairdressers, even hotels, will know that they can start to open. But things are so different for us. We are not a business. We are a community. Not a school doing essential work for the physical and mental health of one generation. But a space that brings people together across the generations.
A very large tent.

I am proud of our different backgrounds. I am so pleased that this community is a safe place for people with every sort of health status and disability. Not a school, or a hotel or a shop. But a kehillah, and an ohel, a very open tent.

I already know that it is possible to hold a community together with enormous physical distance, even across continents, because this is what the Jewish people have always done. Our word for it is diaspora. Perhaps that is a useful way of seeing ourselves today.

In a new diaspora, or, in Hebrew, in galut. In Yiddish, the golus. It is possible to get used to being apart. While at the same time, surviving, yes, while longing to come home.

Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu

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