Upcoming socials and meetings

Thursday 20 June – proposed visit to the Jewish Museum with a curated tour of the current exhibition. More information coming soon.

Sunday 30 June – Meeting & Social

Images from the recent Plate Painting social on Sunday 12 May:


During the latter part of 2018 Rabbi Ambalu and a small group of members have been working to develop an Adult Education/Engagement Plan with the aim of bringing people, at every level of involvement in Sha’arei Tsedek, into a closer relationship with the community.

The plan is focussed around three areas:

  • Belonging (chaverut),
  • Meaning (mashma’ut), and
  • Developing leadership skills (shutafut)

To kick start the Plan the Sha’arei Tsedek Community Hub has been set up to focus on ‘belonging’ (chaverut).

The aim of the Community Hub is to create a space for you to

  • socialise and get to know others in the community
  • share your skills and expertise to benefit others in the community

This small group is now looking for individuals to join with them to develop the wider aims and activities of the group.


Sue Hesse

T: 020 8445 3400 or E: sue.hesse@shaarei-tsedek.org.uk