Erev Shabbat Services begin at 6.45 pm. This brief, libel, inspiring Shabbat service usually ends with Kiddush by 7.30 pm

Musical Erev Shabbat Services will be held on 17 January, 7 February, 21 February, 20 March & 3 April

Koleinu Erev Shabbat Services will be held on 31 January, 28 February & 27 March followed by Chavurah Meal

Shabbat Morning services always begin at 10.30 am, and end at around 12.30 pm with a community Kiddush.

Meditation and Mindfulness Session, 9.45 am

Join Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu and Sha’arei Tsedek member Jo Green before the start of the Shabbat Morning Service for a short meditation and mindfulness session and learn how to still the mind, let go of the week’s activities and find a deeper connection to your spiritual self.

Sessions will take place on:

Shabbat 11 January, Shabbat 8 February, Shabbat 14 March, Shabbat 11 April, Shabbat 9 May, Shabbat 13 June & Shabbat 11 July