Tu Bishvat

15, 16 & 21 January 2022

We will be holding a mixture of in-person and online fun activities, learning sessions and services to celebrate the festival of Tu Bishvat including:

  • Tu Bishvat-Themed 0-120 Service on Shabbat 15 January, 10.30 am
  • Tu Bishvat DIY Terrariums & Learning Session  on Sunday 16 January, 7.15 pm
  • Tu Bishvat Erev Shabbat Service on Friday 21 January, 6.45 pm

Saturday 15 January

0-120 Tu Bishvat themed Shabbat Morning Service, 10.30 am
Join us online via ZoomFacebook LiveYouTube and via the website.

We are going to celebrate Tu Bishvat by thinking about and making a family tree. As this is remote you will need a few items to make our craft that hopefully you should have around the house.

You will need:
Some card (an opportunity to reuse a delivery box)
Some plain or coloured paper (scrap paper will do)
Something to draw and colour with eg. Felt tips, crayons, pencils or paints
Something to stick with eg. tape or glue

Optional extras
Stickers, sparkly things, ribbon other craft scraps


Sunday 16 January

DIY Terrariums & Learning Session, 7.15 pm – 8.45 pm

Join us for this special, 2-part event! Join us via Zoom

Part 1: DIY Terrariums (7:15pm / 40min): Grab a jar, soil & small plant as you follow along and create your own mini-terrarium! Suitable for all the family; a list of required items/tools will be provided in advance of the session.
Part 2: Learning Session (8:00pm / 40min): Join Student Rabbi David-Yehuda for a whirlwind tour of the origins and development of Tu Bishvat; from its post-Biblical creation to rabbinic development to contemporary customs.

You will need
For Part 1 you will need:

  • A Jar: A Mrs Elswood Pickle Jar is the perfect size… but most anything will work
  • Small stones or pebbles:  Grab some gravel from your front yard for the base layer to help drainage along
  • Soil: Most soils will work fine for this, and you only need about a handful
  • [Optional but recommended] Activated charcoal: This might not be in everyone’s sheds, but easy to find. This will keep your terrarium water fresh and avoids bacteria growing.
  • A selection of small tools: pencil/chopstick, little trowels, long spoons will do
  • Decoration: Anything you fancy to make it truly unique. Moss makes a colourful base, or little objects can bring it to life
  • Water, from the tap!
  • Plants, small enough to fit into your jar (alongside the other items).


Friday 21 January

Tu Bishvat Erev Shabbat Service, 6.45 pm – 7.45 pm
Join us online via ZoomFacebook LiveYouTube and via the website.

Join us for a familiar, yet decidedly different, Friday night Service celebrating Tu Bishvat – the New Year for Trees! Alongside our traditional prayers we will mark the season of the year by eating and drinking at key points in our service. To follow along at home you will need: some red and white grape juice (or wine), some fruits and nuts.