Sunday 27 January 2019 – 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Torah Min Hashamayim in Late Second Temple Judaism 

We are delighted to welcome Dr Sandra Jacobs, Network Facilitator and Researcher, Leverhulme Trust International Project: Dispersed Qumran Cave Artefacts and Archival to Sha’arei Tsedek to deliver this year’s Vivian Solomon Memorial Lecture.

In this lecture Dr Sandra Jacobs will explore:

  • What did written copies of Torah look like before its text was standardized?
  • Why Was Heavenly Writing felt to be so important – even for Jewish writers in the Second Temple Period?


Dr Sandra Jacobs, holds a BA (Hons.) in Jewish Studies from SOAS (London) and an MA in Biblical Studies from the TRS Department at King’s College (London); her PhD from the University of Manchester was published as The Body as Property: Physical Disfigurement in Biblical Law (London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2014). She currently works on the Leverhulme International Network project, Dispersed Qumran Cave Artefacts and Archives, at Kings and also teaches at Leo Baeck College, London.

About – Vivian Solomon Memorial Lecture

Sha’arei Tsedek has a long reputation for loving Torah and loving learning. This lecture, held each year in January, celebrates the life of Vivian Solomon z’’l, a Torah scribe and a lover of Torah. These lectures are an opportunity for in depth, scholarly and accessibly focus on aspects of the Torah as text and as story.

The 2018 Lecture: And He Kissed Him and They Wept: Emotion, the Unconscious and Ethics in the Writing of Torah, was given by Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu.

You can access the lecture itself here,  see images of the visual presentation here, and read Rabb Ambalu’s textual source sheet here