Tuesday 4 December, 8.00 pm—9.30 pm

The Writing Group is continuing at Sha’arei Tsedek.

Exclusive. A real chance to explore the craft of writing, and choose the stories you want to tell.

Inclusive – for both beginners and experienced writers. Creative Writing is a solitary pastime, and the support of a group can make the difference.

The facilitator, Deborah Freeman is a playwright and short story writer. Recent story `From the Dining Room Table` appears in the Momaya Press 2018 Anthology Coming of Age. Other stories published recently in journals, and on-line.  Deborah has lots of experience in running writing groups in many different settings…

 If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Debbi Freeman via the Synagogue Office on info@shaarei-tsedek.org.uk / 020 8445 3400.