Yom HaShoah 2021

We will be commemorating Yom HaShoah with a series of events.

Wednesday 7 April – Erev Yom HaShoah

6.30 pm – Reform Movement Yom HaShoah Commemoration – The Shoah Through the Eyes of Reform Jews

On the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Reform Jewish communities around the UK join together once again for this year’s commemoration of Yom HaShoah as we remember the Holocaust. Light a candle in remembrance at home as we join together.

This creative event will feature Shoah related texts written by Reform Jews, performed by professional actors accompanied with live instrumental music.

Click HERE to register and receive a zoom link to the event.

7.30 pm – National Holocaust Memorial Trust Event – Remembering the past, honouring the memory, shaping the future

Join Yom HaShoah UK for the Annual Jewish Remembrance Day for Victims of the Holocaust.

Click HERE to join event on Wednesday 7 April at 7.30 pm.

Thursday 8 April – Yom HaShoah

3.00 pm – Rabbi Baaden will host a special Music Session focusing on the Music of the Shoah

Join via Zoom www.stnl.rs/zoom

Sunday 11 April 

5.00 pm – Always Remember Who You Are: Welcoming, LIVE from Canada, Ruthie Ekstein daughter of Anita Helfgott Ekstein, Holocaust Survivor

Our Guest Speaker, Ruthie Ekstein, will talk about her mother’s (Anita Helfgott Ekstein) survival story in the Skole Ghetto, Poland and then as a hidden child in the Ukraine during the Holocaust and her subsequent life in Toronto, Canada.

This is a story not only of Anita’s survival but of the many, many people who helped her to survive. Anita’s survival has enabled her to continue to tell that story, to teach and to become a leading Holocaust educator in Canada and worldwide.

Anita Elfgott Ekstein is the founder of ‘The Frank and Anita Ekstein Collection’ at the Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre and a Child Survivors/Hidden Children Group in Toronto.

Anita has received many awards in recognition of her Holocaust education work, among them are:

  • The Coordinated Services to the Jewish Elderly ‘Marie and Jack Freedman Memorial Award’ (Sept 1986)
  • ‘Shem Tov Award’ from Toronto UJA Federation (1991)
  • Government of Ontario Award (Apr 1995)
  • Yad Vasham Award for contributions to Holocaust Education(1998)
  • The Elie Wiesel Holocaust Remembrance Medal (2001)
  • Certificate of Recognition for the Government of Ontario for Service to the Holocaust (2006)
  • The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem Award (2009)
  • Ve’ahavta Tikun Olam Award (2012)
  • The Israel Bonds Golda Meir Circle Award (2012)
  • Award for Contribution to Canadian Society (2000) presented to Anita by two representatives of the Canadian House of Commons

Anita also has led ‘March of the Living’ on 18 occasions as a Survivor / Chaperone and has a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

The event will consist of Ruthie’s narrative, photos, Anita’s video testimony and an opportunity to ask questions. Rabbi James Baaden will lead Kaddish at the end of the event. Members and guests welcome.

The event will be broadcast via Zoom  www.stnl.rs/zoom.
All welcome.

Yellow Candle Project – Never Forget

Each year, Yellow Candle looks to reach more and more people to ensure its legacy of remembrance continues and grows. In order to do this, they will be charging £2 for each candle. These funds will be used to increase the impact of Yellow Candle and Holocaust remembrance in years to come.

There is also an additional cost of £1.75 for postage and packaging. This has been very generously subsidised by the Genesis Philanthropy Group who are committed to commemorating Yom HaShoah and the victims of the Holocaust.

Click HERE to order your Yellow Candle.